Whatsapp Marketing

WhatsApp is a global platform with an ample amount of user base. If anybody target the global user-base of this application, he can easily come with great sales of it services and products. In fact, the best part is that it not only makes the brand presence, helps in WhatsApp marketing in Ontario and other cities, it but also keep track of consumer satisfaction by running survey campaign and all.

CHRONICLES TECHNOLOGY is a premier service of WhatsApp marketing, keeping abreast with latest technologies and trends. We have strategic tools and ideas to make this simple with great ROI. We also have tools like bulk message sender, channel finder and much more.


What Are The Benefits Of Having Whatsapp As A Marketing Platform?

There are many benefits of WhatsApp as a marketing platform. Some of the benefits are mentioned here below:
1. WhatsApp has a global user base.
2. It can help in making Global presence without much effort.
3. It is all easy use and make use of its mobility which is WhatsApp marketing services in Mohali.
4. It allows all type of media to be shared, viz, documents, images, audio, video and GIFs.
5. Installing and using WhatsApp is not a big deal; it does not require and plugin of extra tool.
6. This application is available on all type of mobile platform and hence, making it possible to reach all types of device users.