Cordova is easy, best and open source framework for mobile developers to develop the native mobile applications using standard web technologies such as single code base of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

The Cordova offers a collection of Plug-in systems for developers to build new features in mobile application such as integration of native API with phone camera. The team of mobile app developers at CHRONICLES TECHNOLOGY offers the Cordova mobile application development.


Approach to develop mobile applications using Cordova Framework

Easy to Install : To build the cross-platform apps according to client requirements, you would have an opportunity to select the required SDKs, tools, libraries during the installation process.

Easy to Edit Code : To save the time of coding from scratch to develop the application, Cordova allows the code editor for developers to make quick edit and get results faster.

Test, Debug and Final Deployment : We will do testing and ensure you that application is working fine across the iOS, Android and Windows based devices, will check the app for bugs and resolve issues then perform Re-testing of the app and delivery it to client.